YATO Brand

YATO A brand originated in Europe and serving China

YATO A brand for tools with best cost-effectiveness in Europe

The brand of YATO was originated in Europe as a brand for top-grade tools developed by TOYA Corporation. In order to better promote the sales of products branded TOYA, a branch company was established in the metropolitan city in the Eastern Hemisphere named YATO TQQLS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. 

TOYA Corporation is a manufacturer and dealer of the manual and electrical tools enjoying high fame all over the world. Its accurate developmental strategies constitute solid guarantee for the Corporation to win high values and reputation. Its capabilities of constantly developing and launching new products lay a solid foundation for the Corporation to win new market share and achieve sustainable development. 

Under the leadership of the headquarters, YATO TQQLS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.  has been operating in an efficient and increasingly consummate manner. Not only can it satisfy the needs of many retailer customers, but also it can accommodate the massive demands of the online purchasers. With the admirable experiences in the fields of tools and services and high commitment and dedication to customers, the Company makes every effort to win the unanimous recognition from customers both at home and abroad. What makes YATO really proud is the fact that more and more people are using the products of YATO brand to accomplish their tasks.

YATO—Top-grade Tools 

YATO branded products are of excellent quality and sold at reasonable prices. Regardless of whether it is used in the maintenance stations, factories, construction sites, companies, organizations or at home, YATO tools are your trust-worthy products.

YATO TQQLS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. has made unremittingly efforts to achieve its goals and incessantly improved the quality of products. By enlarging the varieties of products, YATO has provided customized solutions to each and every single customer in line with their operational fields so that it can help customers to find products best suiting their needs. From the workshops to the gardens, the tools of YATO can be seen everywhere.

We have continuously kept ourselves abreast with the most advanced technologies. By constantly improving ourselves in terms of technical capacities and strengths, we take it as our goal to make all the customers satisfied. 

 Be our distinguished guests and let YATO witness your success!