After sales

After sales



After sales


I. Scope of Replacement or Maintenance


    1. During the process of use, for those products with the label or trademark of YATO belonging to the Professional tools series of YATO that were damaged can be replaced or repaired free of charge.

    2. The commitment is not subject to time limitation. 


II. Scope of Non-Replacement or Non Maintenance 


     1. Products with no trademark of YATO are not guarantee for replacement or maintenance.

       2. Rusty products upon usage, or those with strip-off of plating, scratches, and plastic handles are not replaceable or maintained.

       3. Packaging materials such as boxes, brackets, plastic cabinets and labels that are damaged or worn in usage are not replaceable or maintained.


III. How to Replace or Repair Products


       For products that are within the scope for replacement or maintenance, users can go to the distribution places for services. However, in case of short of stock, the replacement will be made via the coordination with the sole distributor of YATO tools by delivering parts or goods to the customers through express services


IV. Consultancy Services

       In case users need to further understand the warrant content or users are not satisfied with the services in the distribution center, users can call the services telephone of 86-21-68182950 or 400 820 0348. 


V. Interpretation

       Under certain circumstances, YATO tools have the rights to modify the articles of services without informing customers in advance and the Company has the ultimate interpretation right regarding the services. 


VI. Report and Supervision

       In case users found that some companies or personnel conduct illegal production or sales in the name of YATO, please call 86-21-68182950.